Track fit

Smartwatch data dashboard

Track Fit is a smart watch for measuring fitness data and real-time nutrition. The most important part of the system is the data display that is used it in a clear and detailed manner.
During this process there was more thought about the complexity of the dashboard and the big challenge of how to display information in a fun and interesting way. I checked, researched and consulted with professionals. This helped me to attached to the base of the specific design, in order for the user to know how to familiarize themselves with environment and understand the graphs displayed.
The dashboard has a lot of data and information which is what gives the answer to the user. It is important that the user does not get "lost". For this reason it is crucial to present a hierarchy with colors that will make the user understand what each element means, what the main reason is and what interests him.
Design Process
It was important for me to design the interface aesthetically with a clean contrasting color and a light background in order to highlight the important data for users. I used language and illustration to give a pleasant and fun feeling.
Rubik Aa Aa Aa
Color palette