Bakery shop

E-commerce website

The Bakery shops is a confectionery shop that sells cakes, cookies, pastries and lots of sweets using quality ingredients.
In this process I needed to think of how to produce a shopping experience that engages the customer. The customer can buy the products directly from the site. The site is clear and convenient to use, for this reason it was important to keep the right fit that the customer knows for purchasing. The main purpose of this site is to show products in an impressive and stimulating way. Using pleasant colors and showing videos of how to make the handmade desserts using raw materials and different textures. There is also a place for suggestions for more products that the customer may want to see.
Design Process
I felt it was important to focus on sharp stimulating and impressive images. Showing the raw materials such as berries and how the dough was used. I used clean and pleasant icons with flat language and Sans Serif Fonts typography.
Color Palette
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